Feedback wanted on this new crypto-asset comparison app

Hi all! So with the markets tanking over the past few weeks, what better way to distract myself than building a new tool for you all to use (and hopefully benefit from)?

I'm happy to announce that my asset comparison tool is now live for you all the play around with and provide feedback on. You can find the app online here, but I highly recommend that prior to using the app you first read the README that I have put together on Github here in its entirety, as it explains the methodology and utility of the app in the detail.

At a high level, I wanted to create something that allowed people to make evidence-based statements about historical valuations of crypto (and non-crypto) assets. This new tool allows people to go beyond emotional / anecdotal arguments of the kind–"I feel like I should have bought Ethereum instead of Netflix stock last year"–and take that one step further, empirically testing the historical performance of crypto and non-crypto assets. I also wanted to create an app that would bridge the gap between traditional equities and crypto by making the various investments easier to compare, and I think this, while early, is a step in the right direction of making crypto into a respected investment class.

If you have a moment, here is what I would really appreciate from you guys (you were hugely helpful with previous projects in this way, and I see no reason to think this time will be any different):

  • Please provide your feedback / constructive criticisms / requests via a GitHub issue. I will address these as quickly as I can.
  • Please consider looking over the code if you are technically knowledgeable in that area, as any suggestions / collaborative propositions are welcome.
  • Please consider giving us a star on GitHub, which will in turn attract more viewers and potential collaborators who can assist with the further growth of this project.

Thanks! Excited to hear what ya'll think 🙂