Wanna see an exemple of FB crypto-censorship ?

a bit of context : we're a small Work Cafe based in Lisbon and we're hosting several educational meetups per week focused on tech.

We are very proud to host our first meetup in Portuguese. (90% of or current costumer base is digital nomads so primary language used here is English)

We don't usually advertise what we do but that being a special occasion we wanted to spend a few spare bucks to try to reach a Portuguese-speaking audience by having an ad campaign on FB.

This was the result…

So yeah nothing is lost, it's not hurting what we do in any way but i still think that's a shame that we can't share educational stuff on a social media.

Please work on Akasha (or any akasha,peepeth-like Dapps), i can't wait to be able to leave FB for good!

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