Why should the Parity Multisig Wallet be bailed out when all the other contract mistake losses aren’t? Say NO to elitist bailouts!

Millions of dollars have been lost by everyday users since the beginning of time on the Ethereum blockchain. Broken contracts, lost private keys, sending to wrong addresses, are just some ways that users have lost funds. None of these users "intended" for these losses to happen. Just like the parity multis contract wasn't 'intended' to self destruct.

The most upsetting thing about this proposal is that it does not include losses from the the Parity wallet null passphrase bug (not the multisig contract) which resulted in tens of millions of dollars of losses to parity wallet users who were never compensated by Parity.

Parity never bailed out their own users who were screwed by them. Then a few months later when their lose their own money they cry foul and ask for a bailout. And because of their close ties to the core developers they think they can force through an elitist bailout for themselves?

This is spitting in the face of the community.

We as a community should stand together and say no to this sort of cartel behavior.

If Parity wants to restore their contract, they better start by refunding all losses from they null passphrase bug, and THEN lobbying on behalf of the little guys who have lost even 1 wei by sending to 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000 or other bugs in other contracts that have made mistakes.

Maybe after they stand up for everyday users of their software and treat others with respect and provide goodwill to the community we can take another look at this in the future.

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