Announcing Enclaves DEX – a new way forward

Enclaves DEX

Enclaves DEX combines the liquidity of EtherDelta and ForkDelta with its own native order book, backend and responsive UI / UX. Full liquidity is available now across 35 of the most popular and liquid utility tokens.

Enclaves Maker orders are always free, and Enclaves Taker orders are free below 0.1 ETH, and 0.2% above that.

Some key advantages over other DEXs:

– Better UI / UX – clean design presenting trading information clearly and dynamically.

– Trade in and out out of your MetaMask account directly (no need to deposit first, or wrap ETH).

– Full access to etherDelta / forkDelta order book – other exchanges being added soon.

– Modern smart contract which is gas efficient, and error tolerant – it won’t swallow all of your gas if you miss out on a trade!

– Responsive, EU based team with deep experience in building trading applications and dApps.

– Native Enclaves backend with scalable architecture and micro-services.

We would love to hear from the community on any feedback on design, UI, UX, new features, new utility tokens, or anything else!

Comment below, or come and meet us at our brand new subreddit /r/enclavesdex, or you can join the conversation at our Telegram channel here.