I left my day job at Google[x] to build CoinTracker: a portfolio & tax manager for cryptocurrency. I’ve learned more than I ever thought imaginable about crypto taxes, and would love to answer your questions and get your feedback on our product!

Hello /r/ethtrader!

Last summer, my co-founder and I left Google and soon after fell deep down the rabbit hold of cryptocurrency and blockchain that you all are deeply familiar with. As Hobbyist crypto investors, we quickly ran into the problem of keeping track of our own coins, and eventually of figuring out our own taxes, which we wrote about here. This led us to create CoinTracker and join Y Combinator's latest batch.

We quickly realized that one of the major roadblocks holding back cryptocurrency from more mainstream adoption is straightforward UX. So we set forward to build a better way to keep track of your portfolio and do your taxes with dead simple UX. Our goal was clear: make crypto more accessible.

Since then we have been very privileged to get 30,000+ exchange accounts connected to our tool, tracking over $200M of crypto assets. This also led us to create a detailed FAQ on common crypto tax questions for the US, covering hot topics such as like-kind exchange, airdrops, mining, FIFO/HIFO/LIFO, and more. With US tax filing tomorrow, we would love to help answer any pending questions you may have and/or help you file a free extension.

We would love to get your feedback on what we have built, how we can make it better, and what additional pain points you have in the crypto space so we can prioritize what to tackle next. Additionally, if you like CoinTracker or where we are going, please drop us a line — we're hiring full stack developers in San Francisco, CA!


Disclaimer: I am not a CPA and any of my comments in this thread should not be taken as a substitute for legal/tax advice. You should consult your own professional tax advisor for tax or legal advice.