Parity’s Bailout

Some people might have read my message yesterday in which I told about Parity making yet another proposal for recovering the lost funds in their bugged contract. Even if you voiced your opinion yesterday on Github, we need your help yet again. Since I believe this is such an important issue, I have cross-posted this so that hopefully as many people as possible will voice their opinion.

The proposal itself was accepted for discussion and the discussion has now moved to the following location:

I believe using a hardfork to fix a smart contract code bug caused by severe negligence (their code handling hundreds of millions wasn't audited) will set an extremely bad precedent and will ultimately tarnish Ethereum's reputation. This is a slippery slope. Immutability is an extremely important property of the Ethereum Blockchain that should be protected. Please take a few minutes of your time to create a account if you haven't already (you can also use your Github account to login), and voice your opinion regarding this proposal. Thank you.