Next Generation of Cryptocurrency which Brings Crowdmine Funding

It has properties of both the presently existing cryptocurrencies and traditional money, and also creates a brand new funding route for any business. We will introduce a “Cluster Model” economy, based on a large number of unconnected peers (called “operators”) all working within a singular global ecosystem. Decentralization is achieved by the fact everyone could be on both sides of the wall. Pretty much anyone can be a node in this global ecosystem, and these nodes or hubs and clusters are not connected between themselves. Each one is an independently operating entity, but at the same time, the global ecosystem uses the same units that are transferable from one cluster to another. The uniqueness of the concept, and the fact we have a long-term roadmap which is not ending with, but instead — starting with, the ICO. We are building a real range of products, currently have some being tested internally, and planning to release the first public beta soon after, or maybe even during the ICO. Thus people will be able to experience the power of this project and the global ecosystem of operators can start forming. Our immediate plans are clear — intensive development in the early stages, expansion of the team, follow the roadmap to deliver all planned products in time.

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