FunFair Opens Applications for Closed Beta Participation on the Ethereum Main Network!

FunFair has opened up applications for their closed beta testing as of today, Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

Application Details Here

What’s FunFair?

FunFair is a decentralized gaming technology platform which uses the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, and proprietary state channels to host a myriad of traditional casino games. This isn’t a simple dice game, but blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, video poker, slot machines, and a lot more. If you haven’t heard of FunFair before, I invite you to check out their website and/or this post on their subreddit.

Beta Details.

The beta will be limited to approximately 100 participants with a variety of background in cryptocurrency. While many of FunFair’s games can be played right now on the Kovan/Rinkeby testnets, the beta will test the platform on Ethereum’s main network. Because FunFair is a technology licensor and not a casino, beta testers won’t be gambling with their own money – instead, FunFair will be giving FUN to testers to use. Additionally, testers must be from a list of approved jurisdictions. As per the update, it is currently Canada.

From the update:

Why Canada?

For the purposes of the closed beta testing, starting with the Canadian market suits our needs.

How many testers do you require?

We expect to need at least 100 individual testers over the course of the test period and we will be collating a shortlist at random from the applications we receive.

How long will testing last for?

We envisage the test period lasting between 4-6 weeks depending on a number of factors. We will communicate progress made throughout the process to all of our communities.

Will testers be playing with their own FUN?

No, we will be providing testers with FUN to play with on the test casino.

Why Discord?

We will be using the Discord platform to exclusively communicate with our beta participants during the test period.

I think that this is a very exciting time for FunFair- if the beta runs successfully, the official launch/rollout of their first casino operator comes thereafter.

& as per the CEO via Telegram:

"We also have professional testers, both in-house, and at an outside beta testing company. We're doing professional testing at the same time as the real beta testers… so we have a high level of professionalism. As they say, this isn't our first rodeo. We've been professional game developers – and casino developers – for decades !"

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