Hi /r/ethereum! We are Loom Network, and we’re helping bring scalable DApps to Ethereum. AMA

Hi Ethereum community!

My name is James Duffy (PROOF) and I’m the Co-Founder of Loom Network.

We’re building a layer 2 solution to help Ethereum scale. Our developer SDK will be released next month, and allows DApps to be built on highly scalable DPoS sidechains, secured by Plasma Cash on mainnet. This enables a new class of DApps that require a high very throughput (like online games), while still providing the security guarantees of Ethereum for tokenized assets.

In short, you can think of Loom Network as bringing EOS-like functionality to Ethereum.

We’re also the makers of CryptoZombies.io — a fun, interactive “code school” where you learn to build Ethereum DApps by making your own zombie game. We are super proud to have helped almost 200,000 developers learn Ethereum development using CryptoZombies to date.

If you’ve never heard of Loom before, this post might be helpful.

I, along with others from our dev team (like my co-founder /u/mcampbell42), would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about Ethereum scalability, Plasma Cash, DApp development, and the projects we are working on at Loom.

P.S: Already asked permission from Mods (/u/avsa) about this.

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