[SCAM] Likely New Scam Website “http://ethershift.co” — Suggest Avoiding!

There's a new website advertising to be a shapeshift competitor called http://ethershift.co. This is very very likely a scam — do not use it! This looks a lot like an exit scam, which means there's no timeframe for when it would be safe to use. The longer it operates, the more throughput, the more likely they are to exit scam.

Here are the issues I see right off the top of my head:

First, there's no team page and no physical address. Shapeshift was founded by Erik Voorhees, who was publicly known and had a long line of successes of crypto currency businesses.

Second, this is day 1 (they said this was their first day operating in another thread) and yet they somehow have very glowing and fake sounding testimonials. These things made me cringe.

Third, there isn't even an HTTPS certificate. This makes the site unsafe even if legitimate. There's no reason to ever have a crypto currency website/exchange with no HTTPS certificate — that's insane.

Fourth they don't even give a contact e-mail. If you click contact us, it goes to a google doc. I guess, you can fill in the google doc after they exit scam your coins.

Fifth, this is not a decentralized exchange. They take custody of your coins and you just have to hope they send you something back. The goal of this type of scam is, as they say, operate properly for some time to build trust and increase throughput, then exit scam.

Sixth, this is closed source. Actually, it's probably just a guy who trades inputs and sends some outputs with no automation at all. There is no history and no address information. They may actually never send a single output, and keep every coin they can scam out of you. Who knows, you don't.

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