My experience with

I decided to use LocalEthereum for the first time today and WOW all I can say is I am impressed, what an amazing service.

I sent ETH to a secure personal wallet on the website, they even give you the private key to the wallet on your account and they generate a new wallet for you for each new deposit. Once the ETH showed up on my LocalETH account I found a buyer in my country that used the fast bank transfer payment method, I contacted them with an offer and after a brief conversation I moved the funds to the escrow smart contract on the website.

I then waited for the payment to hit my bank account and I released the funds into escrow and the ETH transferred to the buyers LocalETH wallet. The whole process took 15 minutes and I was incredibly impressed, I even got a great rate for my ETH. I will definitely be using them in future as I'm still having trouble getting my bank account verified on Coinbase, I would highly recommend to anyone in the same position as me.