Before us.

I always say. It's amazing what my grandparents have seen in there lifetime, and what will see in ours. They were born in the 30's. RIP. 😦 I'm 43 now. Fuck man, it's crazy to see how everything has changed In my life so far. Technology is going crazy. Crypto is a new addition to it. It's not even ten yrs old yet. The future is unpredictable and very uncertain. If I was to place a bet on crypto. I would bet, that it's going to places that I would never have guessed. It's way too big and way to crazy to understand at this moment. We are the frontier. I love the idea of decentralized and the freedom it brings. My computer is mine "fuck you" and that's a great thing. To all the people who don't follow that your most likely not reading this. For the people who are. If you ever have doughts about the future of crypto. Just remember what your grandparents or parents have seen before us. HODL