Does anybody else love Crypto too much?

I love cryptocurrency. I can see it changing the world in ways we would never expect. I could see it doing things that would revolutionize the world.

Since 2015 I've fully immersed myself in Crypto, learned more about security development and economics, follow the news daily, learned how automated trading works, studied more advanced forms of computer science to figure out how to improve society with it, make game theory blog articles, started a club at my school about it, have a friend group that's heavily into crypto, and I'm in the process of starting a data science company for crypto.

I love this stuff. Only problem is that I seem like a crazy person on the outside. I knew this was a problem when I was flirting with a girl and I accidentally referenced a cryptocurrency meme. Then I said myself "holy crap I'm obsessed." How does one deal with this problem? I love it so much. Cryptoeconomics consumes my every thought. I have a love affair with an idea, but it makes me not operate able to operate in society like I was before I learned about it.

I figure I'm not the only person with this sentiment. Other people feel the same. How do you manage?