Celer Network: Bring Internet Scale to Blockchain with Off-chain Operating Network

Dear Ethereum Community, today we are excited to launch Celer Network out of stealth. We are happy to contribute to improving scalability of Ethereum blockchain ecosystem!

Celer Network is the first off-chain operating network with coherent technology and economic architecture to bring Internet-level scalability to blockchain. Celer Network is horizontally scalable to billions of transactions per second, trust-free, decentralized and private. It encompasses a layered architecture with significant technical innovations for each layer:

  • a channel construct suite with flexible support for generalized off-chain dApp state transitions beyond simple payments, sidechain-like channel with minimal fund lock up, and more;

  • first-ever provably optimal state routing algorithm with 15X higher transaction throughput than state-of-the-art solutions;

  • an off-chain operating system that drastically simplifies the development and usage of off-chain applications on various platforms.

In addition, Celer Network proposes a principled off-chain crypto economics design to balance tradeoffs made to achieve scalability.

Celer Network has an all-Ph.D founding developer team with strong academic, engineering and entrepreneurial track records from renowned institutions like MIT, UC Berkeley, Princeton, UIUC, Google and silicon valley startups.

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