How Wealthman Will Disrupt Wealth Management

Wealth Management Challenge

A person in possession of capital seeking to hire a wealth manager has to make a difficult choice among a wide range of offers. A client has to rely purely on the reputation of a manager while measuring the reputation isn’t quite rational. Instead, a client should to look for the result of their previous work.

What Affects Client’s Choice of a Wealth Manager?

There are three qualities that top the list: competence, reliability, and cost of service. Competence. Only the capability (or incapability) of fulfilling investing objectives can fully illustrate the wealth manager’s professionalism to their potential clients. As of now, a metric to measure a wealth managers’ effectiveness is lacking; there are some indirect characteristics such as reputation, assets under management, and the brand existence period. This is why one of the inclusive metrics of competence might be the ability to achieve clients’ investing goals.

How Does Blockchain Make Wealth Management Reliable?

Blockchain emerged as the underlying technology of Bitcoin. While Bitcoin disrupted the payments sector, blockchain started to show significant promise in redefining how entire industries operate.

What is Wealthman?

Wealthman is a wealth management Platform that contains a stack of protocols facilitating the building of trustless wealth management services that deal with on-blockchain digital assets. It aims to provide a permissionless secure environment for programming, execution, and marketing of individual investment management services.

The Wealthman Marketplace

The wealth management marketplace requires services to be quantitatively comparable not only by price but by the metric of success in achievement of client’s financial goals. This will allow users to weight up the efficiency and costs of wealth managers or their algorithms.

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