Legal action taken against Freewallet scam

Its pretty clear an exit scam is coming after the latest slew of complaints on reddit.

After blocking access to my holdings, and telling me all I needed to do was send them three photos, which I did plus a video, the scammers at Freewallet now tell me I have to provide a screenshot of my deposit transactions, which they already know cannot be done, since like so many people I used Shapeshift

They actually said to me, "Show us a video of you logging into your Shapeshift account".

What a joke. NO ONE has a Shapeshift account, as the u/freewallet_support scammers well know. An account is NOT needed or even suggested to use Shapeshift's service.

Freewallet does and says ANYTHING to make sure you cannot meet their bullsh*t requirements.

Whatever request from them you satisfy, they simply make up a new one until you cant satisfy it. There are other examples of that on reddit from Freewallet's victims.

We have identified more than one individual already. They arent nearly as hidden as they like to think

In addition to major legal action, Google and Apple are receiving court subpoenas.

I gave them what they asked for and they only asked for more. There is no more I can possibly provide to them. Its now up to Freewallet how much trouble they want to be in

u/freewallet_support picked the wrong guy to scam. Stay tuned

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