Everything in Ethereum feels incredible right now, except for the price action

Everything feels like good news for ETH these days, with incredible stories about development milestones being hit and network effect growing, but the price action doesn't feel like such a good news story. I think some of us have been in this place before. There is a lot about this that reminds me about the perma-300 period. Good news and more good news, but the price just stayed the same. And now, the repeated rejection at ~700 to ~800 now, with range-bound price action that feels, sort of…yes, manipulated. But I'm not one to cry about such things.

Just remember a year from now that you had more time to accumulate now. I also bought the hell out of that dip 5 month long dip in the 300s. And guess what? Now we're 5 months from when we first hit 700, and we saw much higher than that for a bit. That's a short time in normal financial markets, but an eternity in crypto. As for me, I'll keep reflexively buying anything under 1500, even though I probably don't need anymore. There is just too much potential for this technology, and I try to be a patient and forward-thinking man man.

Plasma Cash, Plasma, State Channels, Proof of Stake, Sharding, dapps hitting main net, increased adoption, institutional interest. We have barely scratched the surface of what Ethereum will be in the future.

And take a good look at that multi-year chart. ETH doesn't do a slow and steady rise up. It explodes, corrects, sleeps, an then does it all over again. Can you figure out when it's going to run again? I know I can't, but I am sure that it will- and probably sooner rather than later.

We are on the cusp of real utility with this technology, and almost everyone that is smart in this space believes that Ethereum will be leading the way. If you're thinking in a timeline of years, I'd say seriously consider dollar cost averaging into these dips. I doubt you'll be disappointed when you look back on it.