Xenocoins pays you in crypto for playing mobile games and completing other tasks. Here’s a quick write up on how you can make some extra crypto on the side.

I came across xenocoins about a month ago and have already cashed out 8 nano. Yes it's not as profitable as working a 9-5 but it is an easy way to get paid (and in crypto!) The reward system is quite smooth and cashing out is pretty simple. I would recommend this as it is more profitable than any airdrop I have come across yet. Plus you don't have to worry about getting taxed because the crypto wasn't paid for through fiat. Some of the best ways to earn coin:

Final fantasy Mobile game – $9 Took me about 5 days of periodically opening the app and building something

Viking mobile game – $7 Took me about 5 days as well of periodically checking the game

Lord's mobile – $4 Same deal but didn't take as long

Inboxdollars – $9 Took me a bit longer but easy enough. I filled out some easy surveys on there site.

The surveys can get a bit confusing so I usually stay away from those. Watching adds wasn't working well for me but I have heard of people letting it play all night and racking up points.

You get a rank level which gives you bonus coins for each offer. I am up to 15% extra for everything I do. You also get daily coin for logging in. I am getting $.07 extra per day.

Cash out now before the price of crypto starts to sky rocket again! Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer them. Thank for reading, I hope it is lucrative for you!


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