Sharing some features of the upcoming Wealthman Platform

• Wealthman DEX. The unit is used to exchange tokens in a secure way. Initially, we plan to use existing decentralized crypto-exchanges as the basis for the execution of transactions. After implementation plan is complete, we will develop our own decentralized exchange contract on the basis of blockchain-based smart contract, in order to make it cheaper to execute transactions.

• A blend of human- and algorithm-driven asset management. Investors will have an option to work with either wealth managers or robo-advisors. This will give investors an opportunity to choose a way to manage their portfolio according to preferences.

• White-label interface. Wealth managers will be able to convey the style of their company by using their corporate design patterns within their workspace. Investors may feel secure in a familiar setting.

• Decentralized efficiency measurement. Investors will be the “collective mind” behind the decision on the method of ranking the productivity of wealth managers. Investors will select filters through which managers will go to be placed in the top of the list. Thus, investors will motivate wealth managers to be efficient, and therefore competitive.

• Accurate and uninterrupted data provision. We incorporate the proof of stake (PoS) into data provision to ensure precise and timely supplement of the data for re-balancing of portfolios.

Submitted June 05, 2018 at 02:29PM by BeautyNatali
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