Terrible Token Tuesday – 7 ICOs That Are Up Way Past Their Bedtime

NEW eye-kohs for the cool kids.

AcuteCoin – https://concourseq.io/Q/AcuteCoin New bitconnect style scam is putting in work to appear legitimate, except we caught them using a fake profile pic. Charles Madden is a racist far right extremist in the UK, not a blockchain guru. 8 red flags.

Wellsite – https://concourseq.io/Q/Wellsite A drilling professional network announcing an ICO in the press without any kind of information. A professional network for drillers on the blockchain. A professional network for drillers on the blockchain. 5 flags, not including the project’s description of itself.

Mobiuz – https://concourseq.io/Q/Mobiuz Mobiuz wants to put ipads in ubers but WITH BLOCKCHAIN. yea, ok. 2 years in, no whitepaper and 127 followers twitter.

ZeroState – https://concourseq.io/Q/ZeroState Team LinkedIn’s have almost zero info. Project use case has zero need for a blockchain. Token mechanics make zero sense.

Some distinguished TTT alums poised to raise money.

Bitleague – https://concourseq.io/Q/Bitleague Bitleague seems like a yet incomplete ICO that is being rushed to the public tomorrow for unclear reasons. More through the link.

Swachhcoin – https://concourseq.io/Q/Swachhcoin Swachhcoin boasts a really weak team team of undergrads, part-timers/external consultants and ICOBench Advisers is unlikely to be able to deliver anything of value.

Dench Music – https://concourseq.io/Q/Dench_Music Dench Music is riddled with issues starting from the inconsistencies between website and whitepaper, to some unavailable team members resumes. Bottomline, you can check the redflags and tell us what you think.