Diary of a Cryptobro – My move to Puerto Rico

**DISCLAIMER** I don't own a ton of crypto, but I work remotely and was becoming increasingly more curious of what life would be like as a Puerto Rican resident the more I hear of it on crypto subreddits.

1 month ago, I kissed my girlfriend and dogs goodbye and began my journey to Puerto Rico. Every sensible cell in my body was screaming at me questioning this decision, but something was calling me to the recently obliterated island in the Caribbean. I am unsure if any of you are in a similar position debating whether or not to relocate, but for those of you who are, these chronicles are for you.

I arrived via a redeye on the sun kissed island and had immediately missed what tropical climate felt like. I had been living in the Pacific Northwest previously where sunshine is regarded as a rare resource. The cool ocean breeze and bright sun hitting my skin was a welcome invitation to Puerto Rico. My intention here was to connect with the cryptocurrency community, determine if I can make my lifestyle here work, and find a place to live if so.

Although I traveled throughout most of the island, most of the cryptocurrency community seems to be focused in Old San Juan and Condado Beach area (both in the capital city San Juan) so will focus this blog on my experience there. I stayed at a local hostel and was quite surprised that there was 3 other guys looking to get involved into the crypto community. Although the were adamant Bitcoin maximalists, we still got along just fine probably in thanks to the fact that I was the only one of us that rented a car šŸ™‚ They were a huge help in providing me with information on how to establish a bank account, get a license, buy a car and other general things needed once you move into a new place.

There is a weekly meetup at a popular bar that hosts on average around 50-60 people in the cryptocurrency community and has been a great way to engage with one another. Most of these people are fresh off the boat and have only been here for a few weeks or are in my position and still determining if they can make a lifestyle here work. I've met tons of great people there and everyone has been very welcoming. Through this meetup, I've also learned of a fascinating local chapter opened up by Piloto 151 (Puerto Rico's co-working/living space that's presently dominated by blockchain companies) that aims to assist the Puerto Rican government by educating them how to utilize blockchain technology to improve their processes. It was nice to hear that our community is not completely regarded as greedy "Crypto Bros" that would like to give nothing back. In fact, of all the high net worth individuals I've met here, the ones most altruistic and integrating into the local culture have been in the crypto community.

The thing I found most astonishing about this place is the sheer amount of wealth, entrepreneurial spirit, and brainpower moving to this island. I've met tons of people from all walks of life here from online advertising executive,corporate lawyers, a founder of one of the largest online adult site networks, a non-profit volunteer that is excited about his $7k payout after a 7 month tour, and a former backend developer for an extremely popular messaging app now working on the Ethereum platform. I am not sure what will follow these people coming together and forming a community of there own here, but it certainly feels like Puerto Rico is on the brink of something.

TLDR: It's a fascinating chapter in Puerto Rican history and I highly encourage all those interested (even if not considering moving) to at least see what's happening here.