Blockchain efforts are innovating a multitude of industries.

Blockchain efforts are innovating a multitude of industries, from construction to food to medicine. Today, there’s efforts to innovate sport with blockchain. The sporting industry is already seeing disruption with other emerging technologies.

Barriers to entry for onboarding athletes into a professional sporting career are being knocked down with one blockchain startup. “blockchain-based financing platform” that links emerging athletes to financiers and investors with a smart ecosystem – unlocking untapped sporting potential in the process.

The sports industry is “different”. It allows the emotions of entire communities of people to be set free and share vibrant moments with its fans, and allow an experience rarely found in any other industry. However, many clubs and athletes will never achieve their sporting goals, due to financial problems. The world of sports, as we know it, needs to change. Economic needs should not stopnyoung talent from developing and sports organizations should be financially empowered to allow freedom of all global talent. All over the world, there are countless examples of clubs that have disappeared and talented athletes who have never achieved their highest potential because of insufficient economic support, leaving them with only one option: to quit their sports career and give up on their dreams. We believe in a decentralized world and we want to do the same for the sports industry.

Globatalent CEO, Sunil Bhardwaj has revealed “The Globatalent pre-sale has been incredibly successful and there has been an enormous demand. This was beyond our own high expectations and as a result, we want to be sure that everything we do goes through the right processes and accreditations. We have had investors from all over the world, which is exactly what we were hoping for and we want to thank each and every one of them as it is fantastic to see that people from all over the world genuinely believe in our project.