About the Sudden Change in Casper and Sharding Plans

I'm referring to the comments of "bobthesponge1" (Ethereum Foundation researcher) in this thread. In it, he announces that Casper v1 is cancelled and that Casper would be rolled into one upgrade along with sharding with combined validator pools. I'm surprised that such a drastic change isn't getting more attention so here's my question/rant:

What is the impact of this announcement on current development efforts? Is the current work on the Casper contract halted because of this? I understand that blockchain scaling is an open research question, but it seems quite unfair and probably disheartening to the devs working hard on implementations to release a specification and then to completely change it after several months. There are even CFFG testnets running, so it seems VERY late to be making this decision. Isn't this a kick in the teeth to those devs?

It must be very nice doing all this "blue sky" research and travelling the world to conferences, but the responsibility of the researchers is to the Ethereum Foundation and to the progress of the network itself. For the last year or more, the product that they have been promoting on stages is still imaginary and now apparently completely different? That's got to be embarrassing to everyone involved, no?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading a proper technical explanation of this soon and possibly a firm commitment to a specification (haha).

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