Bulls and bears are like peanut butter and jelly of an asset market. But what the hell are the cockroaches doing in this forum?

Bulls and bears both play important roles and both have valid reasons for taking different positions. All long-term crypto investors know that the market is heavily manipulated and the big players thrive on the resulting volatility.

Then there are the know-it-all concern trolls, with their typical comment:  "ETH has no value as its only used for ICOs" and they seem quite confident that ETH is the equivalent of monopoly money. They obviously don't have an investment in ETH and have mostly invested in low dollar value coins while hoping for those to turn into the next Bitcoin or ETH. Their comments are mostly like sour grapes but these types of people are still tolerable, at least.

Then there are the cockroaches, who have turned into memes here on Ethtrader. The more we feed them (by commenting on their posts), they gain more karma and this encourages the other cockroaches to spread more FUD. On a day such as today, most of the comments are from these cockroaches and they're on a feeding frenzy. Instead of simply downvoting them, we also comment on their stupid posts and we then wonder why these low-life trolls  haven't run out of karma. Every time we comment on their posts, they receive comment karma and that has much more value than any other type of karma.

Its the basic rule in any kitchen – do not leave any food crumbs on the on the floor, or else the cockroaches infestation will happen. We currently have an infestation going on in Ethtrader, as we have turned some of these low-life incels into memes and they now feel glorified. They have no skin in the game and and no price is ever low enough for them to buy in. They're not investors or traders and they just want to hurt other people by spreading their FUD. These cockroaches are very sad individuals and they just want other people to be just as miserable as they are. On some days, they even turn to bashing Vitalik, as if he is the reason for their misery.

Each time someone (mostly newcomers) panic sells their coins because of reading these fudding posts, they're less likely to come back to the crypto space anytime soon.

Lets downvote these cockroaches into oblivion.