What is the Wealthman?

Wealthman is a stack of protocols and micro\-services facilitating the building of trustless wealth management services.

In creating the platform, we are placing particular emphasis on situations where there is no trust of investor in wealth manager’s competency and honesty, infrastructure security, and where low costs and speed of high\-tech wealth management service deployment are important. So, Wealthman is a platform that does this by building a decentralized application on top of blockchain protocol that capable to execute algorithms written on Wealthman’s proprietary built\-in high\-level programming language. The application allows any user to start a secure advisory service or easily develop a decentralized robot\-advisor. Such services can be configured with arbitrary rules for calculating the structure of the investment portfolio on the basis of a constantly updated and insured data set, transaction execution rules and remuneration terms.

More information, you can find on the official website

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