After asking a question in r/Buttcoin, I have been challenged in understanding the disruption of Blockchain/DLT, Smart Contracts, and Digital Assets! How exactly are business operations, legal services, and economics affected by Ethereum?

I understand that Blockchain/DLT, Smart Contracts and Digital Assets are revolutionizing the way we do business… I come to learn that I have much to learn!

I made this post:

Which made me question… 1) What use cases does Blockchain/DLT change the very fundamentals of certain businesses? Why Blockchain/DLT over legacy systems? 2) In which scenarios do Smart Contracts overcome traditional forms of Contracts? What are the boundaries of Smart Contracts? 3) How exactly do Digital Assets make the world “more fair”? Why?

Thank you for your help! If any more knowledgeable Blockchain/DLT, Smart Contract, Digital Asset experts want to shine more wisdom in my reddit post above, please feel free to correct me. I am always learning.

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