Holding our community accountable

Coinbase is the gateway into crypto for nearly everyone in the US. With that comes certain responsibilities and so far they seem to have been making efforts to keep their standards of professionalism high and maintain transparency.

Last nights' announcement by Coinbase to list ETC shocked nearly everyone. Obviously Coinbase has the right to list whatever they want, but the reason everyone was so surprised was that it doesn't seem to fit with anything they have said in the past.

Binance lists shitcoins every other day and no one bats an eye because Binance hasn't released a stringent framework for listing digital assets, while Coinbase has. And since they have, they need to be held to the standards that they put forth. ETC may very well meet those standards, but with every new asset that Coinbase lists, they should release a report that details how the asset is in line with their own framework.

Please do not construe this as an ETH maximalist who is hurt that ETC exists. I believe it has every right to exist and flourish, but over the past couple years there has not been any significant development or adoption (that I am aware of) to warrant a Coinbase listing.

The BCH listing was very controversial because of the manner in which is was listed. However, the actual listing wasn't as controversial. A few weeks before the listing BCH was actually taking hashpower from BTC and there was an active community and development. Also the fork was very recent and most people were expecting Coinbase to at least give access to the BCH that was on still being held. The circumstances are very different here, ETC wasn't even in the top 20 until this recent pump.

We need to hold our community and the exchanges accountable to promote transparency and quality. Please reach out to Coinbase however you can, tweet, email support, etc, and ask for transparency by releasing a report that details how they see ETC fitting into their Framework for Adding Digital Assets.