Terrible Token Tuesday – 8 ICOs Trying (and Failing) to Reinvent the Wheel


TokenChanger – https://concourseq.io/Q/TokenChanger Token changer combines a useless token, a non-working MVP and a really weak team while valuing their averagely written whitepaper at $150M. Oh and don’t get me started on the website design!

eInc – https://concourseq.io/Q/einc eInc is practically forking Ethereum, narrowing its scope by dedicating it just to DAO’s and trying to scale it in the most absurd way (block-time decrease) and for all those great efforts is asking for $22M from the public in return. Are we missing anything here?

Crowdif – https://concourseq.io/Q/Crowdif Aside from the really questionable team with some verified fake pictures, as well as multiple name typos in biographies, the project core product “Crowd sentiment automated trading” is nothing more than snake oil being sold to un-savvy investors.

Virtual Universe – https://concourseq.io/Q/Virtual_Universe_(VU) The project aims to create an open world immersive VR game, while failing miserably at creating a visually attractive website or a decent social media following to get traction for the game. You would expect a lot more from a company that has been running since 2013.

Some of TTT’s distinguished previous features that are still gearing up to raise money.

AcuteCoin – https://concourseq.io/Q/AcuteCoin This re-brand of the infamous Bitconnect is using the fake profile picture of Charles Madden, a racist and far right extremist in the UK. This is really hitting the bottom even for a TTT alumni.

Wellsite – https://concourseq.io/Q/Wellsite The project’s description is more than enough for a no-go: A professional network for drillers! Why such a project need an ICO is really beyond us, and who would use all those tokens aside from drillers looking to connect?

Mobiuz – https://concourseq.io/Q/Mobiuz Mobiuz’s idea of marketing is utterly absurd. Instead of delivering ads to your smartphone, they think that it’s much more efficient to deliver iPads to your Uber. You heard that right, and no one will ever steal or break those. Ever!

ZeroState – https://concourseq.io/Q/ZeroState Zero is the real trademark of this project. Team LinkedIn’s have almost zero info. Project use case has zero need for a blockchain. Token mechanics make zero sense. We could go on but want you to check out for yourself.

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