Could we get a Casper FFG release estimate?

No, I’m not asking for a hard commitment. Just an acknowledgement that people are spreading misinformation after the Casper/Sharding release together news. There are people saying it won’t be out for another year, I even saw 3 years. Some are saying this is just a delaying tactic, that the Ethereum Foundation can’t get it done and it will never come out.

I don’t believe those people, but it forces me to remember the Dev call when an official 6 month fork release cycle was discussed….and how quickly that appears to have been abandoned.

All I’m asking for is a spark of hope, from someone actually working on it. An estimate of when initial Casper might hit main net if no more changes are made and no major issues discovered in testing. Q3/Q4 2018? Q1 2019? Later?

You don’t owe me, or anyone else an answer, but I hope for one.

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