Everyone is just guessing at this point. That’s OK. But just keep it in mind.

I thought we were done with the four hundreds. I was wrong.

I thought after hanging out at 600 for so long we were going to pop up. I was wrong about that too.

But I did figure out that if you take Deep Eddy grapefruit whiskey and mix it with just a splash of Margarita along with some ice water and lime juice, that your wife can get really drunk on your anniversary and you tend not to worry about anything in the world.


In fact we got so wasted at the hotel that she was doing headstands in the hallway. Swear to God it was amazing.

But seriously though. If you can't stomach the swing get off the porch. I mean it. You better at least have a few Hobbies and do some exercise if you want to learn how to avoid checking the price every 5 Seconds. Or obsessing about it when you do. If you can't explain 1400 then don't try to explain 400. Both of my hunches were wrong… Days like this isn't when I panic sell, it's when I Panic Buy. So much uncertainty isn't healthy. But boy it can make for incredible Investments. I got to avoid spending money I don't have on days like this. So I won't. Got to learn lessons in both directions.

I'll be around today check in on the moderator Que. If people are getting out of hand with the suicide nonsense then please ping me directly.

I've got a little project I'm working on outside but I will be around. I'm building a table that has a 36 inch stainless steel grill & a stainless steel griddle. I had to repair both of those units from the trash to get them functional again. Basically got most of this stuff for free. The most expensive part was the 2 by 12 treated lumber on top and bottom. Today I'm taking an old door off of my wife's folks house from the last house they were alive in and using it to close up the front. It's a big heavy door that opens vertically. I'm using hydraulic struts to lift assist the door kind of like the back tailgate of a caravan. The door will hide all of those propane bottles and it will fold up into a table nice and easy. Think of this as a way for me to make fajitas and then have the table fold up to let people prep their plates. It's heavy as hell too. The legs are 6 by 6 posts and the frame is 4 x 4 posts. Oh and I got the old barn metal for free.



Anyway. Cheers to everyone here and keep your head up. This is some incredibly weird stuff with the entire Market behaving this way. Don't believe it we'll stay this way for very long. Big huge Hammer reversal at some point. And then we can start the bull market. It might be fall or winter. But it's going to happen when you least expect it that's for sure.

I want the price to stay at a decent level for developers to continue their craft. No one eats for free. I don't see anything slowing down with developers anytime soon so that's my favorite metric of all. Just go look at all the jobs at Consensys and Coinbase right now. Stop what you're doing and go look at that list of jobs. That alone will put a smile on your face and let you realize that we are really in a very big dip right now. It's okay. Just let it ride. Of course that's my hunch and I've been wrong before. So just do you.

Cheers and big hugs from Kansas City.