Japanese Company-Quoine with 12BN turnover is building something New Crypto

Quoine company with annual turnover is around 12 Billion a year is building unique crypto-fiat exchange platform. The platform is called Liquid which will combine initially the order book (called Worldbook) from 17 different exchanges around the world where investors in real time can convert different cryptos into fiat and/or other crypto from different exchanges. Imagine you are sitting in Bitfinex and want to sell IOTA and someone in other part of the world who does not have account in Bitfinex and sits in different exchange wants to buy IOTA against USD or EUR. THE LIQUID PLATFORM WILL ALLOW YOU TO THAT.

The good thing about company is that the product is almost ready to be launched within few weeks. The original token of this platform is QASH which will be used to pay for different financial services in this platform and with more additional benefits.

Quoine is the first registered crypocurrency exchange by Japanese Financial Services Agency (JFSA)

This article is presenting SWOT Analysis on this Quoine Company and QASH token.


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