$800 ETH by July 4th, Independence Day, due to “not a security”

You've heard it, we've all heard, well not everyone. Some people will still wake up and hear it. Basically, it's the big news. Ethereum/ETH is not going to be pursued by the SEC as a security. That is huge. Why? Because that means the uneasy folks not quite sure about investing will come to their senses. It's supported on Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, and pretty much every major US exchange.

It's basically decentralized. Reputable places like CoinCenter have argued this already. See this April post: https://coincenter.org/entry/no-ether-is-not-a-security

Yes, it's June. Government officials take time to collect information and process it. But the cat is out of the bag now.

SEC would rather chase the ICO scams instead, it's much more profitable because they're centralized organizations and directly protects investors. They've signaled that with howey coins, too. The point is ETH itself is no longer considered a target.

With the bear market slowing down, this could very well be the bottom and back to the slow march up to the ATH. I think easily it will be back to $800 by July 4th. What are your thoughts?