EtherAddressLookup v1.18.1 w/ feature to combat twitter scams

409h's browser extension EtherAddressLookup v1.18.1 is now live with a feature to combat twitter scams:

With the help of CryptoInfluencers, EAL has created an open-source twitter whitelist that will now display a green icon next to whitelisted twitter accounts. Unclassified twitter accounts receive a black icon while blacklisted twitter accounts receive a red icon.

Read about this and see icon examples on the EAL wiki

Twitter whitelist data is pulled from so if you would like to have your twitter account whitelisted, make an issue on the etherscamdb github or DM Harry or I on Twitter.

Download for EAL is found here, if you're interested in giving it a check:

If you're paranoid/privacy-minded, you can use the release's code and load it into your browser manually from github here:

Submitted June 14, 2018 at 01:28PM }
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