ETH Augmented Reality Crypto Game! Similar To Pokemon Go!

Adoption of ETH!

Aircoins plans to launch their free Android app in the Google Play store in July 4th 2018, TONIGHT! with an iOS version to follow. We’re excited for the opportunity to spread Original Crypto Coin (OCC) to a wider audience of crypto enthusiasts by having our tokens integrated into the Aircoins AR platform alongside other coins including Electra, Fanfare, and Action.

It’s an exciting use case which helps OCC further its aims of spreading crypto to new users.

App users can login and collect coins in Augmented Reality. Users walk into a shopping center or market and can pull App to see coins available in AR… Just like collecting POKÉMONS in ‘POKÉMON GO’.

The Original Crypto Coin (OCC) team is excited to announce this use case which will help further our goals of spreading crypto to new uses!

This new game looks to be very promising and could be big similar to Pokémon Go.

Aircoins App launches today!