Axie Infinity – One of the first real Crypto Games

I found Axie Infinity thanks to Reddit back in February, when they won the iExec DApp challenge and an Article was posted about it. I visited their website ( and after a short chat with one of its developers downloaded Discord and joined their channel.

This was back on the 19th February 2018 and the second day after the start of the Axie Pre-Sale, which ended on the 17th April. And it was a great ride until today. In the pre-sale I bought my first Axie (and officially participated in my first crypto game) and have gotten more since then.

But what exactly is Axie Infinity? In simple terms you could say that it is a fusion of Pokemon and Tamagotchi. Once everything is finished and released it will be possible to breed, battle, sell and to care for your Axie. Of these features breeding and the marketplace for selling are already released and have worked since then without any real problems.

At the moment it is possible adopt new Axies through the MEO Lab (on the official website, but this closes on the 7th July and will be open again a few weeks later, after the results of the last few weeks are reviewed and analysed by the developers) or to buy them from other players through the market on the official website (it is also possible to gift Axies through the click of a button).

Another way to get Axies after you have at least one is to breed it with another Axie. This is possible with either another one of your own Axies or through the mating club, which can be found in the marketplace on the website where other players lend out their Axies so you can sire with them for a price (determined by each player).

Now on to one of the main points of what makes this a game: Battles. Battles are rather simple in how they work, but thanks to the many different body parts and their effects and the positioning of the Axie, Battles have a lot of strategic potential. They are fought 3vs3 with ranged and melee moves, which opens up a lot of different battle tactics and keeps fighting entertaining. There exists a class advantage system (Beast -> Plant -> Aquatic -> Beast) and other specifics (such as there being 6 different classes), but the website has a great introduction with amazing pictures for that and I think this post is getting long enough as is. Here is the link to the battle introduction:

Battles aren’t out yet, but the testing of the battle system on the Ethereum Testnet is going to start in the next few days and the start of the open Beta is probably going to be in August, pending that the Beta runs as intended and no major problems occur (Breeding also had a beta and ran without anything that could be called a major or even middle sized problem, just some small things, that were either easy to fix or an improvement to the general IU to make it more convenient). And the open Beta will already be happening on the Main Network of Ethereum and is only called open Beta because depending on how it goes, the developers might have to adjust and change things.

To participate in the closed Beta (which will probably happen in 2-3 weeks) all you need is one Origin Axie (=Axie sold during the Pre-Sale), which can be bought on the market from another player.

Furthermore Axie Infinity is working with the Loom Network ( to integrate it with Axie Infinity, which should further reduce the Gascosts (which can be quite high as we have seen in the last few days) to a minimum and also eliminates the +15seconds waiting time of the Ethereum Blockchain, which occur during each move in other crypto based fighting games. This way the players don’t need to pay a tx for everything an Axie does. This prevents a rather big drain on the wallets of the players over their time playing Axie Infinity and unlike unlike other games, where a player has to pay and wait for a tx for every move/attack he wants to make, which in turn should make battling with Axies a very smooth and enjoyable experience.

I hope you found this interesting and check out Axie Infinity. If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to answer them. We also have an amazing Discord community, which would be happy to help out any new player that joins :).


What is Axie Infinity?:

Community Wikipedia:


White Paper:

Loom Network:

The official Discord and Telegram Link can be found on the website ( ) since I don’t think I’m allowed to post them here.