Best ico for gains 2018 – officium?

I never really was much of a writter. I consider myself more of a spectator. Type of a guy quietly walking in the shadows.Watching over the scene.Waiting for his opportunity to come. So when i decide to write about somethnig, you better take it seriously. But why am i doing it? Well, its said that even shadow owes his birth to the light. Let´s make it even then.

I´ve seen a lot of projects. Rises and falls. Made a lot of money and lost a few bucks in a process. It´s hard to break down all of my experiences into some article. Since the life is about overcoming the obstacles, im not stopping. But enough. Let´s move to one of the biggest opportunity right now. The Opportunity is called Officium. If you wanna make real gains with ICOs you´re looking for three things. Potencial for hype, gains and potencial to deliver the vision. Let me explain why Officium meets all of these.

HYPE – Officium is aiming to revolutionize the working sphere. Giving people all around the world a chance to work what, where and whenever they want. The world is globalizing. The whole world is one big market and giving people chance to connect to this market is huge. This is literally touching millions of people. Imagine millions of people sympathizing and helping this project to succeed. HUGE is the word you´re looking for. Also the team is known to be in close touch with magazine editor´s like Anna Wintour(Vogue),Catherine Westwood(BSME), Dean Baquet(NY Times) and many more. Combine this with 35% of funds intended for marketing and i guarantee Officium won´t be overlooked. These guys understand the importance of marketing so we can expect a lot. Blockchain technology is the future. Make a fully-working blockchain platform with no restrictions,limitations or 20% commisions (like Fiverr,Upwork,…) with strong support of influencers and you have a one successful project.

GAINS – It´s always easier to make gains with low cap projects. The higher the market cap is, the harder is to move up. With an Officium offering 70% for token sale the market cap is about 16mil. Unsold tokens will be burned so technically the market cap could be even smaller. Since i don´t think there will be any unsold tokens, let´s stick with 16mil. Officium has potencial to reach market cap of billions of dollars. No doubt about it. If somebody doesn´t see it, he has still much to learn. Reaching billion dollars would make you earn 62 times your investment. With the bull-run hopefully coming soon, it´s not unreal at all. Officium will have gains for 100% we just don´t know how big for sure. With the market cap of 16mil. my guess is about 40-50x till the end of 2018 and 100x till 2019. With bull-run even quicker. Combine this with actual 40% bonus and you won´t regret reading this article.

DELIVER VISION – Look at that team. Really solid looking blockchain experts. Four high-level former HSBC managers running the show. HSBC is the world's seventh largest bank by total assets and the largest in Europe with total assets of US$2.374 trillion. If these guys don´t know what to do then nobody does. Ex-manager of HSBC also has the pretty good contacts right?. Yes he does. And that´s very important when you´re working with new technology. You can see quite a lot of partnerships already and more are about to come according to team. Team is regularly attending crypto conferences. Team is actively building social media and community. Fresh futuristic website with online support and i have to say their whitepaper is of my TOP 5. It was actually fun to read ( ). Long story short, there are no signs that this team shouldn´t deliver what promising. Actually i think this may one of the first blockchain projects actually used and adapted on global scale.

Now you understand the potencial of Officium. Is the project you just have to invest in. If you decide to do so, my advice is not to wait. Be sure to claim the 40% bonus. Don´t miss your shot. Thank you for reading and good luck.
BTW: Officium is also offering 15% referral bonus. You WONT find mine here, but make sure to use your when recommending to others. ( )