Platforms provides a simple but powerful way to connect a person who needs help with a help provider .

The “help” in question can be any type of assistance. It can be requesting for a ride from one location to another, or for a place to stay, or for anything at all.

You’re probably thinking of Uber, and Airbnb. However, BeepBeep Nation not only offers the same benefits those two apps provide its users, those “services” can actually be free to the requestor, because in the app they’re now provided in the form of “help”, not as services.

“Help” means willful assistance by someone without any expectation of reward. We help our fellow human beings all the time, willingly, and with good intentions. BeepBeep Nation simply makes this good behavior more efficient and effective to actively promote a culture of kindness amongst its users – which then makes the world a better place.

And because “help” can be in any form, Beep Beep Nation can offer benefits way beyond just rides and places to stay; from recommendations for a good Italian restaurant in town, to whether anyone has seen a missing family member or pet in a certain location, to getting help to rescue someone trapped in a lift, to getting a recommendation for a good baby sitter, to whether anybody has any Taylor Swift concert tickets to sell, to getting a medical officer to attend to someone suspected of having a heart attack – there is no end to the provision of value by one person to another at zero cost to the requestor, and in one single app.