Increasing block-time for short-term scalability?

Currently Ethereum's capacity is limited by the block gas-limit. Simply increasing the limit any further, would lead to an increase in block orphaning, which is effectively equivalent to longer block-times, since one requires more confirmations that block will not be orphaned.

Considering that the block-time is currently extremely short (15 seconds), perhaps it it would be a worthwhile trade-off to increase the block-time by say 4x, to one minute, in exchange for increasing the gas limit.

The primary argument against this, is likely usability concerns. Many dapp interfaces have been built under the assumption of 15s block-times. Altering this might radically change the user-experience. I don't think this is a valid point, however. Considering the ongoing issues with periodic congestion and such, it makes little sense to assume a 15s block-time, even under present circumstances. Immediate responsiveness can also be solved more effectively by payment channels.


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