[Announcement] Timetable Out for Upcoming Ethereum Developer Conference in Berlin: DappCon

The schedule for DappCon Berlin, one of the most high-profile developer conferences focusing on Ethereum DApps and Infrastructure with an impressive speaker lineup is out now!

The conference will take place in Berlin at Postbahnhof on 19th – 20th of July 2018.

Below are some of the prominent speakers presenting at the event:

Day 1 (July 19):
Jarrad Hope (Co-founder, Status), Yaron Velner (CTO, Kyber Network), Heiko Hees (CEO, Brainbot), Mona El Isa (CEO, Melonport), Neeraj Murarka (Bluzelle), Alex Beregszaszi (Ethereum Foundation), Christiane Ernst (Gnosis), Alejo Salles (Zeppelin), Facundo Spagnuolo (Zeppelin), Matt Richards (MakerDAO), Eric Tang (Livepeer), Gonçalo Sá (ConsenSys Diligence), Evan Van Ness (ConsenSys, WeekInEthereum), Pedro Gomes (Wallet Connect Foundation), Yann Levreau (Remix), Nicholas D’Andrea (Truffle)

Day 2 (July 20):
Matan Field (CEO, DAOstack), Joseph Lubin (Founder, ConsenSys), Ricardo J. Mendez (Samsung NEXT), Martin Köppelmann (Gnosis), Tomasz Drwiega (Parity Technologies), Brett Sun (Aragon), Billy Rennekamp (Cosmos), Scott Moore & Marc Beacom (Gitcoin), Paul Kohlhaas (uPort), Peter Czaban (Web 3), Ethan Buchmann (Tendermint), E.G. Galano (Infura), Aleksandra Skrzypczak (Golem)

The multiple streams will fit different areas of interest—from governance, Token Curated Registries (TCRs), scalability, to identity and decentralized exchanges. There will also be hands-on workshops on DApp development and tooling, featuring smart contract security, Solidity, node infrastructure, and more.

Check out the full conference schedule here: https://dappcon.io/DAPPCON_timetable.pdf
We can't wait for Devcon IV in November in Prague…for those who can't wait either—join us for DappCon [https://www.dappcon.io/] in Berlin next week 🙂

Tickets available here: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/dappcon-developer-conference-for-ethereum-dapps-infrastructure-tickets-46942479219

Berlin is calling—see you next week! ❤

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch [[info@dappcon.io](mailto:info@dappcon.io)]

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