EasyTrade: wallet to wallet trading of 1000 tokens is now mobile

EasyTrade is now available for mobile!


For those who have never heard, EasyTrade is the simplest, most secure way to buy or sell digital assets. It features:

  • One click to buy or sell
  • Decentralized trading (wallet to wallet)
  • Intuitive design optimized for web and mobile
  • Works in any mobile wallet browser: Trust Wallet, Toshi, Cipher, Status
  • Real time price updates


Check out how simple is to use EasyTrade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJKkYiGp3zc


EasyTrade widget by Dexdex


EasyTrade is powered by Dexdex, a platform that offers wallet to wallet trading as a service. Dexdex brings the exchange to you with its API and widget. Now, any website, wallet, app or dapp can offer wallet-to-wallet trading. By integrating the EasyTrade widget, users will now have an easy, secure way to buy or sell tokens directly from your app, site or device.


What can the EasyTrade widget do for ICOs?


No more waiting for an exchange to list your token. Integrate the EasyTrade widget and capitalize on your momentum. Once your ICO finishes, begin trading your token.


If you have more questions, want to chat about this project or join our team, do not hesitate to contact us.


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