How can I help with Ethereum 2.0 development?

I first got interested in Ethereum last year and since then I’ve been a passive member of the community. I see all this great research coming out of Casper, Sharding, Plasma, etc and I’d love to start helping, but I don’t think I’m able to help technically…

I’m amazed that nobody working on these solutions has asked for funding. For teams that aren’t raising ICOs, how are these guys paid? Are they all crypto rich? Or are they all just doing this alongside their day job?

I don’t have that very much crypto so I’d rather not donate to someone who’s already crypto-rich and doesn’t need it, but who out there really NEEDS money and could make more progress on Ethereum 2.0 if they got donations?

Ethereum foundation? Prysmatic labs? Geth? Parity?

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