Market on Augur: The winning powerball tomorrow night will be an Even number- Roughly 50/50 odds for anyone looking to try Augur out.

To participate in this market, you must download the Augur App, downloads available on their github here

Once it's downloaded, you will have to wait for it to sync with the blockchain; this can take 10 min-2 hours depending on your connection etc. Once it's synced, click "Open App" and then you will be able to use this link to access the market (or you can find it manually).

Once you see the market, you will need to buy shares. For some people, the system Augur uses is a bit confusing. There are only "Yes" shares. If you believe the number will indeed be even, then you want to buy "Yes" shares. If you believe that it will be odd, then you need to sell "Yes" shares (Think of it as shorting "Yes" if that helps.)

Happy betting!