Roni and I built a scam-free dapp discover site, Dapped, without any content. We want to award tokenized profit interests to a crowd of contributors!

Roni and I (cofounders of ConcourseQ and the Concourse Open Community) want to try a completely different experiment. We have been building an open community at Concourse, and our Qfellows helped by the broader community are exposing ICO scams at a surprisingly high rate, and we love that. Next we are adding another project to the community’s work.

We've built out the website and now we are inviting you to join this new project. It is a for-profit effort to create a scam-free dapp discovery site:

DAPPED. (open that puppy in a new tab)

What makes Dapped different:

  • Tokenized Profit Rights. We plan to keep the ledger on Aragon (when Aragon is main net, and whitelisting tools are ready to roll). 66.7\% of up for grabs. Concourse will own the other 33.3%.
  • Curation. Due Diligence on dapps will be performed by Qfellows, who have experience researching crypto projects for disqualifying red flags.
  • Verified Awesome. Dapps that meet Dapped standard, passing due diligence and being fun will be inducted into the Hall Of Awesome, receive permission to display the Hall Of Awesome badge on their site and write a pitch for their game in the Hall Of Awesome section on Dapped.

Dapped is currently seeking contributors in 5 different areas:

  • Writers/Reviewers
  • Editors
  • Marketers
  • Designers
  • Developers

Go here and onboard yourself and I will send you more info:

If you'd like to be a cofounder of dapped, join us now before our public launch!

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