Planport is building a network that is based on the Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology

The Supply chain Protocol

The supply chain process has many stages which require concerned parties to use a collaborative approach throughout its lifecycle.

Planport simplifies this process by unifying the entire procurement process end-to-end with the power of the blockchain technology. Moreover, Planport intends to create a seamless interaction right from on-boarding, monitoring, issuing and expenditure management, payment processes and performance analysis, among others.

Planport Trade Finance Marketplace

Planport is building a network that is based on the Blockchain's distributed ledger technology which eliminates the risk of fraud and multi-financing and gives full access to global network of participants of both buyers and sellers of Trade finance asset documents.

Planport On-Demand Experts Network Planport promises an innovative model designed to help the procurement process by connecting it with specialized labor pool for enterprises and individuals. The network is designed to help avoid the costly and time consuming,firm-based consultancy. Procurement heads will easily connect with experts in the different categories, needs, and transact without any hassle common with procurement advising firms.This means there are no large upfront investments or long terms contracts, and users can scale it up or down, or even turn it off as simply as you can turn it on.

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