I’m building an Ethereum smart contract explorer, but found inconsistencies with the addresses of smart contract creators. Please help!

I'm building a free Ethereum smart contract explorer to track how people interact with smart contracts by looking at everything that has happened since the contract's creation. To do that, I go back to the transaction that created the contract and track the transactions to that address. That works most of the time, but there are situations where the contract's current address does not match the address at the time of its creation. This is driving me nuts. Here's an example:

This is contract 0x0013BaF64A2C44345Ea1aE703ea52DF9978b45d9 on Etherscan:


Normal contract, so far, but if you go to transaction that created this specific contract, the addresses do not match.


0xedce88316 is the contract creator. Below is the transaction that created this contract. In a normal contract, "From" would be 0xedce88316 and To would be 0x0013BaF64A2C4. But instead, "To" is the contract creator… why???


In the transaction that created the contract, under Event Logs, the contract's current address is listed.

What is this contract doing and why are addresses are not the same? Is the creator making a separate wallet inside of a contract?

Please help. If you don't know the answer, please upvote for more visibility – really want this to work. Thanks!!

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