CoinLoan Development Updates #1: TransferWise, Fees Schedule, New Currencies and More

In these past few days CoinLoan team has officially opened the crypto-to-fiat lending platform where cryptocurrency is used as collateral. Based on community feedback, over the past week we’ve rolled out some upgrades for your convenience. Check out our latest CoinLoan improvements and visit the platform to try them out.

What's done?

  • You’ve asked to make your applications visible among the others in the Lending Market. Done! Now your lending and borrowing requests are in a general list highlighted in blue, but you can’t accept your own applications for sure.
  • From now on, you’ll see the monthly fee in the application form. To our opinion, this is much more convenient.
  • Fees schedule page added. Now all the information about service fees is available in one place.
  • We offer depositing fiat currency in a convenient way with help of TransferWise — just create an account and deposit your fiat, convert it in euro and transfer to Coinloan using SEPA payment method.
  • We have also put tooltips on each field in application forms with a little clue. So you won't have to guess what we are asking you to do.
  • Also, now you have an opportunity to get the details of pending and cancelled applications.
  • And, of course, there are tons of different optimizations and bugfixes that can't be seen with the naked eye.

What's the plan?

  • Shortly we’re adding a feature to use TrueUSD cryptocurrency as a currency for issuing and receiving a loan along with EUR. So you’ll be able to borrow some money in TUSD and change it into fiat on any exchange. Furthermore, TUSD allows USA citizens to become investors at CoinLoan.
  • We’re working on Bitcoin and Litecoin inclusion to the crypto-collateral list. The alternative to ETH, therefore, should be available soon!

You are welcome to test the new options and share the experience with CoinLoan team. If you know how to make the CoinLoan platform even more accessible and easy-to-use, don’t hesitate to contact us via [](

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