Baanx (Token) Users Benefits

★Hold Cryptocurrency hassle free, without fear of loss or theft. Baanx is the first insured Crypto Wallet enabling total protection for users and guaranteeing a users' full balance.

★Cryptocurrency Secure Custody avoids the need for hard to remember and complicated private key access problems. We keep it simple and keep it safe. Using KYC we can get you back into your account if you lose access and allow institutional buyers to hold crypto positions securely.

★Fast Remittance – Breaking down payment barriers. Within Baanx accounts money transfers are virtually free, small charges in BAANX BXX tokens for worldwide movements of funds.

★Spend Cryptocurrency anywhere with very small fees in BAANX BXX Tokens (0.1 – 0.5%),Crypto transferred to Fiat at the point of sale to be used in any online or off-line merchant through your mobile.

★Access top multi-exchanges through our Exchange integration functionality with BAANX BXX Tokens. Ensure you are buying or selling Crypto at the best market prices available and with either no charges,or the smallest charges possible – all from our easy to use mobile application.

★Save Crypto with ease, whether you want to set a monthly amount, or are simply hodlin your coins you can ensure saving is simple, safe and ultimately will allow great interest rates.

★Future development is allowing sending Crypto & Fiat currency to other app users for free,using just their mobile number

★Future development allows opening your own Cryptofinance brand easily to promote to your loyal brand followers,

★Future development is creating an Open API for a Fintech app marketplace, where 3rd party developers can deliver their applications easily and safely to a large number of Cryptofinance and ultimately Cryptobank brands to engage their users with their own apps.


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