FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Dominium (running on Ardor) Announces AMA Contest with Prizes of 12,500 DOM Tokens for Best AMA Questions

Want to make a smart investment in a real estate platform with minimum risk? Become a participant at the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) event for Dominium, the Über of Real Estate on August 9th, 13:00 CEST (1 pm -3 pm). Prizes of 12,500 DOM tokens in total will be awarded to participants in the amounts of 5,000 DOM, 3,500 DOM, 2,500 DOM, 1,000 DOM and 500 DOM for the top 5 questions.

See below for details and for more information read the Interview with Mark Lloyd, Managing Director of Dominium.

Mark Lloyd, Managing Director of Dominium: The Über of Real Estate