Game of math and greed: need help testing on Rinkeby

I implemented a "guess the 2/3" game on Ethereum blockchain. Even though I know the rules it's so addictive I can't stop playing it. I'm looking for more people to play it, try to break it, before I deploy it to mainnet.

The rules are super simple: every player picks a number from 1 to 100. The player who picks a number that is 2/3 of the average of all numbers wins. It is particularly interesting because it can be predicted and manipulated by players. Blockchain seems to be the perfect implementation for it.

The url now is Every guess is 0.01 ETH. Pm me if you need some ETH on Rinkeby to play.

I'm not making the code public yet so it doesn't get stolen. I will make it public when I go live on mainnet.

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