Apollon ICO, blockchain in the entertainment sector.

What’s up guys, I wanted to see if anyone else has heard about Apollon. I have been studying this ICO, and it looks pretty good. Apollon is a blockchain-based entertainment industry marketplace. The platform is looking to streamline the entire sector by providing a true peer-2-peer business structure for the entertainment industry.

There is a lot I like about this platform. For one, they are cutting the middleman out of the entertainment industry. This maneuver drops the cost of doing service in the entertainment industry. In addition to these savings, users can access a network of industry professionals via a community marketplace. Users can directly trade their services if they desire as well.

I like the concept of combining the entertainment and leisure industries. They are closely related and having one platform to find all of your talent, gaming, fashion, hospitality, and tourism needs make good sense.

Th platform is the first that I have seen to use both a stable coin and an internal token. The stable coin is pegged to the value of one USD. LCASH is an internal token used between consumer payment and settlement to eliminate volatility concerns. It's integrated so there isn't the need to use USDT. The APO token is used for all other services on the platform.

Apollon includes an internal exchange that allows users to easily convert any currency into APO or LCASH and vice versa. This added liquidity makes it unique among the growing number of freelancing platforms in the space.

I watched a speech by the company's CEO, Alan Lau in which he described the impact this platform would have on the industry. Lau is no stranger to the tech sector, and he is best known for his work with Hewlett Packard and the first UNIX online trading system for the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

I think this one could be a major force in the market in the coming year. Let me know what you guys think? I'm happy to see a project that will hopefully bring in actual usage to the sector.